Vault is the place for InPoker users to stake their INP tokens.
All registered users can stake their INP tokens to earn APY interest and increase the rakeback rates. Rake is a commission taken for administering a poker game. Our rakeback system redistributes the commission back to the players, making the online poker experience that much safer and more enjoyable.
InPoker offers rakeback to registered players and Elite NFT holders in the form of a reward system whereby every user or NFT holder is automatically a part of it. Rakeback is a very important feature on poker platforms and is a necessity for attracting regular poker players. The base rakeback rate is 5% for all users and 30% for NFT holders. Users can increase the rakeback rate at any time by staking INP and NFT. The required INP amount for each rakeback tier is shown in the table on Vault page (INP amount is subject to market rate).
Users are entitled to a rakeback rate for as long as they keep their tokens staked. Once you unstake the tokens, the rakeback rate will be reset to the base rate for 30 days (5% for regular users and 30% for NFT holders). Throughout this period users can continue to stake only to receive APY.


1. On the Vault page, click "Connect Wallet" to open the MetaMask window
2. Log in to your preferred account and authorize access to InPoker Dashboard
3. Once the wallet is connected, you will need to allow the website to access INP tokens in your wallet. Click "Approve INP" to open MetaMask wallet.
4. In the MetaMask window, give the website permission to access the INP tokens in your wallet.
5. To stake INP tokens, enter the desired amount (or click MAX to automatically enter the whole available balance) and click "Stake". Please refer to the table on the Vault page for the required amount of INP tokens that you need to stake to achieve a desired rakeback rate, the INP amount fluctuates depending on the market rate. The rakeback rate locked in at the moment of staking will remain the same until you unstake the tokens and will not be affected by the changes in INP token price.
Please note: For Elite members, the NFT will be staked automatically with the INP amount, no additional actions are required.
6. Once you click "Stake", you will see the MetaMask popup window where you need to confirm the transaction.
7. Your staked amount will be reflected on the dashboard.

Register Username

1. To register your username and link it to the rakeback system, key in your InPoker username and click "Save". It will open a MetaMask popup window.
2. Click "Sign" in the MetaMask window to register your username.

Claim Reward

1. After a period of staking, your earnings will be reflected in the "INP earned" section of the dashboard.
2. To claim your reward, click "Get Reward" button. Confirm transaction in the MetaMask popup window.


1. You can choose to unstake a portion or the whole staked amount at any time. To unstake a certain sum, enter the amount and click "Unstake". To unstake the whole amount, click "Unstake All".
2. Please note that once you unstake the INP tokens, your rakeback rate will be reset to the base rate for 30 days (5% for regular users and 30% for Elite NFT holders). You will still be able to stake throughout this period but only to earn APY.
3. Confirm the transaction in the MetaMask popup window.