DeKings NFT


DeKings is a collection of poker themed algorithmically generated utility-driven 3D NFTs - unique digital collectibles in PFP format. DeKings double as the InPoker premium membership cards, and grant access to exclusive members-only benefits.

DeKings offer a new and exciting way of playing poker that allows players to compete within and beyond the DeKings ecosystem and bring the benefits of WEB3 to traditional online poker players. DeKings holders can participate in exclusive member-only tournaments and leaderboards, earn tradable $INP tokens and other cryptocurrencies, delegate NFTs to other players and receive a percentage of their winnings and play for free by utilizing daily tickets.


Play-To-Earn Plus (P2E+) is a brand new vision conceptualized by InPoker that removes the limits on how many daily rewards users can earn and promotes frequent participation in various tournaments. The InPoker team envisions that the membership will become more exclusive for early players and supporters as the number of players and active games increase over time. However, the InPoker platform does not solely rely on this and is perfectly sustainable thanks to diversified revenue streams.

History has shown that there have been many failures in various projects with classic P2E economies. P2E+ stands for mutually beneficial token economy which is aimed at providing better results. This is achieved through the introduction of exclusivity to digital asset holders by having a capped amount of NFTs and utility tokens.

For more information, please refer to DeKings P2E page


DeKings holders receive daily tournament tickets that can be used to enter tournaments for a chance to win against other DeKings owners or regular InPoker users. Each tournament offers specific prizes, and on top of that the players are automatically registered in Players of the Season Leaderboard where they compete to win further prizes based on placement at the end of the season.

The game is also available for scholars to participate in. DeKings owners can delegate NFT to players without NFTs, and percentage of their winnings both in games and Players of the Season series leaderboard will be shared with the NFT holder. Users also can track the performance of their scholars in the dashboard to manage and improve their profit. One player, either DeKings owner or not, can be delegated a maximum of 3 NFTs. Each NFT provides a certain number of daily tickets that can be claimed on the dashboard. Each delegated NFT multiplies the amount of daily tickets distributed to players. The more multipliers a player has, the more they can play and the higher their chance to win better prizes and place closer to the top of the leaderboard.

Scholarship Program

The main objective of the Scholarship program is to allow as many players as possible to enjoy play-to-earn games together, including players who can’t afford to invest in the game but are willing to spend time on the platform, practise, compete with players of different skill levels and earn. Community is one of the most essential parts of the overall crypto world, and even more so in the gaming sector. As the sector experienced a rapid growth in 2021, scholarship programs have become even more important and popular. Scholarships offer an opportunity to attract more players and grow communities organically.

Poker association and schools

If you are a fan of NFTs but you are not an avid poker player and don’t have any ties with the poker community, there is a solution for you as well. DeKings project is connected to many poker associations and schools which can scout players on your behalf, introducing players who are willing to loan your NFT and use it to play and generate profit. Delegate your card and manage the profit.

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