Bad Beat Jackpot

Bad Beat Jackpot is awarded when a player with what appeared to be strong cards nevertheless lost the game. For example, if Jack Quads were beaten by a Straight Flush. The player defeated by a bad beat can trigger a jackpot if certain requirements are met.

Please note that in order to trigger the jackpot, the player must use both of his hole cards to create the highest possible hand.

Prize Distribution

Once the Bad Beat Jackpot is triggered, it will be shared with everyone at the table with portion of it used for various fees according to the distribution table:

  • Loser: 50% Jackpot value

  • Winner: 30% Jackpot value

  • Other players: 5% Jackpot value

  • Other tables players: 6% Jackpot value

  • New Jackpot: 3% Jackpot value

  • Room fee: 6% Jackpot value

  • Rake: 1% Jackpot value

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