Problem and Solution


There are no online poker platforms that provide a good variety of play-to-earn and membership games and there is no way of getting rewards on the deposited amount. Many memberships do not offer substantial rewards.

Online poker market often lacks transparency and offers low rewards to social media influencers and users who create their own tournaments. Influencers play a major role in modern marketing and it is important to provide them with motivation to collaborate.


The first of a kind NFT membership enables NFT holders to participate in free daily special games. NFTs can be purchased and traded on the secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. InPoker also provides users with an opportunity to explore other blockchain projects and companies by hosting their sponsored games and allowing unique prizes that can be redeemed on other platforms.

Social media influencers can earn various rewards by promoting the InPoker platform to their vast networks of followers and inviting new people to participate in the tournaments. InPoker allows anyone to create their own special tournaments and earn commissions. Blockchain technology allows for a greater transparency and prevents scam or fraud when dealing with influencer commission payouts, so that the influencers know the total amount they have earned from each game.

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