DeKings P2E


The P2E game is currently in beta phase and subject to updates and changes. We welcome all feedback from the users, feel free to contact us on any of the social media channels.

  1. DeKings NFT holders have the option to delegate their digital assets in exchange for tournament tickets.

  2. If the holder delegates NFT to themselves, they can claim the tickets, participate in the tournament and receive 100% of the winnings.

  3. In case the NFT holder delegates the digital asset to a different player, the NFT is considered as “rented” until the holder revokes it (this does NOT transfer NFT to another person's wallet, the ownership remains with the NFT holder). The user to whom the NFT was delegated can claim the daily tickets every 2 hours and participate in the tournaments and leaderboards. Claimed tickets are valid for 2 hours, after which they're "burned" and user can claim the new ones.

  4. During the beta phase, the user to whom the NFT is delegated, receives 100% of the winnings (including tournaments and leaderboard winnings). Use this to share games with your friends. In future updates, the winnings will be shared with the NFT holder.

  5. The maximum number of NFTs that can be delegated to any user is 5.

Delegate NFT

Delegating describes the process of assigning the NFT to yourself or another user for a period of time during which the user to whom NFT was delegated to can claim the tournament tickets and join exclusive games. Please note that this does NOT transfer the NFT to another user's wallet, but only assigns the rights to claim tournament tickets.

1. Go to the My NFT Cards section of the InPoker Dashboard to view all of your DeKings NFTs. Please note that the NFTs currently show the generic “Mystery Deck” animation - all NFTs will be unlocked during the game launch, revealing all the original DeKings artworks.

2. Select all the required NFTs and enter the username to whom you would like to delegate. If the username is misspelled or doesn't exist, it will be highlighted in red. Click Delegate.

3. Confirm the action. Once confirmed, the NFTs will be temporarily delegated to the chosen username. The user will be able to claim the tickets. You can revoke the NFT anytime.

Please note: If you with to claim the tickets for yourself, select the desired NFTs and click Claim on this screen to see your options and select your tickets.

Accept NFT

1. The user to whom NFT was delegated needs to accept the NFT in the My NFT Cards section of the InPoker Dashboard. In the My NFT Cards section, click Accept on the desired NFT.

2. Once accepted, the NFT will be assigned to the user, during the assigned period the user can claim the rewards every 2 hours. Any user can have a maximum of 5 delegated NFTs.

The new improved dashboard will be released at the time of the game launch. It features an upgraded design and statistics section where users can easily view their NFT activity (list of delegations) and rewards.

Claim Tickets

1. To claim the tickets, the user needs to log in to InPoker web, mobile or desktop app, click Cashier and choose the Claim tab. Claim options will only be available for a limited time and renewed every 2 hours. Claimed tickets also need to be used within 2 hours, after which they are burned and user can claim the new ones.

2. To claim the tickets, select the preferred option and click Claim. The available options can vary depending on the total delegated NFTs. In the future the available claim options will rotate to show different events and cryptocurrency prizes.

3. Once claimed, the tickets will be show in the Status tab in the Cashier. You can register in the tournament from this screen but clicking any ticket and choosing the preferred tournament.

4. To register in the tournament, select the preferred game and click Register.

5. Alternatively, you can go to the Spin & Moon page, select the tournament for which you have the tickets and click Play to register. The platform will use your ticket to register in the tournament.

6. You can now participate in the registered tournament and compete to win prizes!

Revoke NFT

1. To revoke your NFT, go to My NFT Cards, select the delegated NFT and click Revoke. The NFT will be returned to the holder and will be available to be delegated to another user.

2. User to whom an NFT was delegated can cancel the NFT and return to the original holder anytime by clicking Cancel under the required NFT.

Swap Elite NFT

DeKings replace Elite as InPoker premium membership token. You can swap Elite NFT for 2 DeKings NFTs. Swap will return 2 DeKings NFTs to the exact same address on Ethereum network.

1. Go to My NFT Cards page and select your Elite NFT that you would like to swap for 2 DeKings

2. Review your selected NFT and click Sign Wallet.

3. In your MetaMask wallet review the information and click Sign.

4. Once signed, click Enable NFT Swap in the pop-up window.

5. In the MetaMask window, review the transaction details and click Confirm. Please note that it might take a few seconds for the transaction to be confirmed.

6. Once the transaction is confirmed, the system will display a message. You can now swap that NFT. To do so, click Swap This NFT.

7. Review the transaction in MetaMask and click Confirm. Please note that it might take a few seconds for the transaction to be confirmed.

8. This will initiate the swap transaction, which might take a few minutes to be completed. Once completed, 2 DeKings NFTs will be added to your ETH wallet.

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