Influencer Poker Associates

InPoker provides a reward system that pays commission for inviting people to join tournaments. In a modern world influencers play a big role in providing organic trusted recommendations. Connecting with influencers who have a vast network of followers can improve audience engagement and increase interest in the platform.

Influencers who refer users to InPoker tournaments via a unique link receive a percentage of each buy-in fee. Event organisers will have the authority to determine the minimum buy-in amount, the prizes and the percentage that influencers receive for referring users.

Influencers can also choose to create their own tournaments. Every person who decides to become a part of the programm will be granted the tools to create tournaments within the InPoker platform and will be able to curate the games, categorize them, as well as refer their followers to specific tournaments. Simultaneously, the influencers can collaborate with third parties to get extra help with their promotion and attract an even bigger audience.

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