User Registration & KYC


1. Go to and click Need an account? Sign up!

2. To create an InPoker account, fill in your details and click Create Account. All the fields are mandatory.

3. Once submitted, the system will request to confirm the email account.

4. Login to your email to find the link and click it to complete registration.

KYC Verification

Please note: You need to make at least one deposit before you can proceed with KYC verification. You can view the tutorial on how to deposit funds on the Cashier page.

KYC verification is required for the withdrawal of large BUSD amounts.

1. KYC verification is done on the InPoker Dashboard in Cashier module. Please refer to Cashier tutorial page on how to connect your wallet. Once the wallet is connected.

2. In order to complete the KYC, follow the instructions on the screen. You will need to submit a photo of your ID document and your selfie in order to proceed. KYC verification process can be done on a laptop or the phone, you will need a working camera. Once the required data is submitted, the system will automatically verify the documents and the selfie. The system might request to resubmit certain photos if the quality or placement is not up to the standard.

3. Once the data is processed, the system will notify the user of successful verification.

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