Progressive Knockout (PKO)

Progressive Knockout tournaments, or PKOs, are knockout tournaments but you receive half of the opponent’s bounty as a prize, while the other half goes towards the player’s own bounty. The thrill in these events is that the bounties are progressive in nature and grow for each player. The more eliminations you make, the more money you win!

Each PKO tournament comes with a buy-in fee, for example if a tournament costs 110 INP to enter, 50 INP will go to the general prize pool, while the remaining 50 INP will go to each player’s initial bounty (the remaining 10 INP is the fee to play the tournament).

If you eliminate the player with the 150 INP bounty, your bounty will increase by half of this amount from 150 INP to 225 INP while you would also pocket another 75 INP. As the tournament advances, many players will have bounties few times bigger than the buy-in amount. Normally, first and second places receive close to an equal amount of the prize pool. The winner is not only able to collect from all the players they eliminated but also the general prize pool and their own bounty as well.

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