Referral Program

InPoker allows users to generate personal invite links and earn rewards from each user they invite.

  1. Log in to your InPoker account, open the menu (top left corner) and navigate to Referral Program.

2. When you visit the Referral Program page for the first time, you will need to generate your unique referral link. Click Generate Referral Link.

3. Once the link is generated, you need to copy and distribute to unregistered users. Share the link with your friends in messengers or social media, users who click it will be directed to an InPoker account setup page. View your invited players and payouts in the respective tabs on the Referral dashboard.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The program is open to all registered users.

  2. New users must register using your personal link to be added to the list of your invited players. Note that this is the only way a player can be listed as your referral.

  3. Accounts created through InPoker desktop and mobile apps or via any link other than your exact referral link will not count towards your rewards.

  4. For each invited user, you receive 30% of their rake generated in various poker tournaments. The fee is awarded to your account every time each of your invited users generate 2 USD or 1000 INP in rake. Note that the time it takes to generate the required amount in rake may vary for different users and your rewards depend on how much the invited users play.

  5. For Cash Games, at least 3 players must be playing at a table in order for the referral rewards to be counted.

  6. You can view your earnings in the Payouts section of the Referral Program dashboard.

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