P2E (Play-To-Earn) Model

In a modern world choosing a career of a crypto e-sport player requires initial investments. The situation is particularly difficult for the beginner crypto enthusiasts due to cryptocurrency market volatility in addition to the process of acquiring poker skills, which requires a lot of practice.

InPoker offers a platform that engages big corporations to sponsor various freeroll, small or big buy-in tournaments organized by individuals. This results in a mutually beneficial collaboration as the brands get additional exposure while allowing the community to promote the event and earn referral fees for each invited player.

Sponsored tournaments create extraordinary opportunities for players of any skill level to practice the game of poker without substantial initial investments while having a chance to win big prizes and slowly move from the lowest stakes up to high-roller games.

InPoker DeKings card holders get to participate in special tournaments on the InPoker Platform where they can win various rewards, including tickets to the real tournaments around the world. A one-time purchase of the NFT card allows players to take further advantage of the InPoker play-to-earn model. Users can trade their card on the secondary martketplaces like Opensea at any time with a chance to earn profit as the cards will remain limited while the supply increases.

*Tournaments can be organized by individuals, businesses or InPoker.

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